Camper van in Italy


Learn everything you need to know about van life in Italy, like wild camping, mobile internet and other pro-tips!

Wild camping Tolerated
Mobile internet Good
Safety Safe
Natural beauty ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Diesel (1L) €1.93
Visa EU & Shengen
°C January 5
°C July 25

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⏱️ Time zone: UTC +1:00

🗣️ Language: Italian

🇬🇧 English: Quite good

💶 Valuta: Euro (€)

💳 Cashless: Almost everywhere possible.

🛣 Toll: Yes, but only on highways.

💦 Tap water: Drinkable

💨 Gas(bottle): Local bottles and exchange system

📞 Mobile internet: Iliad & Windre

📱 Camp-app: Park4Night

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Cover photo by @wiesvanlieshout